June 25, 2012

{Day 175} Brown Lentils/Kali Masoor Ki Dal

Off all the lentils i mostly cook at home, this one is my favorite. I made Masoor Makhani, an creamy and mildly spicy recipe with these beauties. You can check the recipe here. This picture is going to participate in Black & White Wednesday -A Photo Culinary Event, an event by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook, guest hosted @ My Spicy Kitchen.
Brown Lentils/Kali Masoor Ki Dal


R.Punitha said...

Hi Lubna ,

looks nice ,

Keep on Lubna :) :))

Usha said...

Masoor makhani looks awesome (saw it on yummy foods). I don't cook this dal that often. Should start using it more often

Lynne said...

Beautiful photo of your brown lentils! I love the crinkled background.

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